In Marrakech, you can indulge in shopping in various areas/neighborhoods of the city, each offering a unique shopping experience.

At Marrakech Events, we love introducing you to the artisans and creators of the city. So, if your seminar or trip to Marrakech leaves you with a few hours of free time, our team will suggest you explore our recommended spots…”

Here are some popular places for shopping in Marrakech:

1 The Medina Souks: Marrakech’s Medina Souks are world-famous. You’ll find an incredible variety of products here, including carpets, spices, clothing, jewelry, lanterns, leather goods, pottery, and more. The souks are a paradise for lovers of craftsmanship and local products. Don’t forget to negotiate prices!

2 Sidi Ghanem Artisanal Zone: Sidi Ghanem is a neighborhood in Marrakech that houses many shops and artisan workshops, offering a specialized shopping experience in crafts and design. Here, you can find Moroccan craftsmanship as well as designs from French, Belgian, or Italian designers.

3 Mohammed V Avenue and Guéliz: These areas are more modern and offer a contemporary shopping experience. You’ll find fashion boutiques, shopping malls, international brand stores, and art galleries. This is the ideal place if you’re looking for international brand products or want to discover Moroccan contemporary artists.

4 Craft Cooperatives: Marrakech has many craft cooperatives where you can buy locally-made products. This ranges from carpets to ceramic items, leather products, and argan oil-based products. Cooperatives are ideal places to purchase authentic handmade products while supporting local artisans.

5 Hotel Boutiques: Most hotels in Marrakech have at least one boutique. You can find handicraft items similar to those sold in the souks but at higher prices, of course!

It’s also worth noting that Marrakech hosts several weekly and monthly markets, such as the Bab el-Khemis flea market and the Medina market. These markets offer a unique opportunity to shop from locals and experience a lively and authentic atmosphere.

When shopping in Marrakech, be prepared to negotiate prices, take your time to stroll around, and explore different places to find the products that interest you.


Marrakech is renowned for its lively and colorful souks, where you can find a wide variety of artisanal and local products. Here are some of the items you can purchase while shopping in Marrakech’s souks:

1 Carpets and Fabrics: Marrakech’s souks are filled with beautiful handmade Berber carpets, as well as colorful fabrics such as silk, cotton, and wool. You can also buy cushion covers, blankets, and tapestries.

2 Leather: Marrakech is famous for its leatherwork. You’ll find traditional leather babouches (slippers), bags, wallets, belts, and leather jackets in the souks. Don’t miss visiting the tanneries to see the leather-making process.

3 Pottery and Ceramics: Moroccan pottery is known for its vibrant colors and geometric patterns. You can purchase tajines, plates, bowls, and other ceramic items in Marrakech’s souks.

4 Spices: Marrakech’s markets are full of exotic and aromatic spices. You’ll find traditional spice blends like ras el hanout, saffron, cumin, ginger, and many more.

5 Copper and Brass Items: Marrakech’s souks offer a wide selection of copper and brass items, including trays, lanterns, kitchen utensils, and decorative pieces.

6 Handicrafts: You can also buy handicraft items such as traditional jewelry, embroidered clothing, straw bags, leather goods, musical instruments, carved wooden objects, and much more.

It’s worth noting that haggling is a common practice in Moroccan souks. Feel free to negotiate prices for a better deal, but keep in mind to be respectful and fair during transactions.


Mohamed V Avenue is one of the main shopping streets in Marrakech, offering a variety of boutiques and storeswhere you can enjoy a shopping experience. Here are some types of shops you can find on Mohamed V Avenue:

1 Clothing Stores: You’ll find clothing stores offering diverse styles, from traditional Moroccan creations to international brands. You can purchase clothing for men, women, and children, ranging from everyday wear to more formal attire.

2 Shoe and Accessories Stores: Mohamed V Avenue also houses shoe and accessories boutiques where you can find a wide selection of shoes, handbags, belts, jewelry, and other fashion accessories.

3 Perfumeries and Cosmetics: You can explore perfumeries offering local and international perfumes, as well as cosmetic and skincare products. Products made with argan oil, famous in Morocco, are particularly popular.

4 Handicraft Shops: If you’re in search of handicraft items and souvenirs, you’ll find shops offering a vast range of products such as carpets, pottery, ceramics, copper lamps, traditional jewelry, fabrics, musical instruments, and much more.

5 Art Galleries: If you’re an art enthusiast, you can explore art galleries on Mohamed V Avenue where you can admire and purchase works by contemporary Moroccan artists as well as traditional art objects.

It’s important to note that prices may vary from one shop to another, and bargaining is often customary in the souks and smaller stores. Try to keep an eye on the quality of the products and don’t hesitate to compare prices and negotiate if you wish.


Artisanal Area is a district in Marrakech that houses numerous boutiques and artisan workshops, offering a shopping experience specialized in craftsmanship and design. Here’s what you can find when shopping in the Sidi Ghanem Artisanal Area:

1 Moroccan Handicrafts: Sidi Ghanem is renowned for its artisan workshops specializing in various artistic fields. You can find pottery, ceramics, carpets, fabrics, lighting fixtures, copper items, jewelry, carved wooden articles, and much more. This area is ideal if you’re looking for authentic and high-quality handmade items.

2 Fashion and Design: Sidi Ghanem also hosts many Moroccan fashion and design creators. You can find boutiques offering clothing, fashion accessories, interior decoration items, furniture, and unique design objects. It’s the perfect place to purchase one-of-a-kind and original pieces.

3 Textiles and Fabrics: Sidi Ghanem’s weaving workshops are known for their expertise in producing quality fabrics. You can buy traditional Moroccan fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, and linen, as well as articles made from these fabrics, like cushions, clothing, and accessories.

4 Art Galleries: Sidi Ghanem also houses art galleries showcasing the work of contemporary Moroccan artists. You can admire and purchase paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other forms of contemporary Moroccan art.

It’s worth noting that Sidi Ghanem is located outside the medina of Marrakech, so it’s best to take a taxi or drive there. The artisanal area is quieter and less bustling than the medina’s souks, offering a more relaxed and specialized shopping experience.

When shopping in the Sidi Ghanem Artisanal Area, it’s recommended to check the opening hours of the shops, as they may vary. Feel free to take your time exploring different workshops and boutiques, and admire the artisanal and creative work of Moroccan artists in this area.


Marrakech is home to numerous artisan cooperatives where local craftsmen work together to offer a wide range of Moroccan handicrafts. Here are some of the most popular artisan cooperatives in Marrakech:

1 Tiskiwin Artisan Cooperative: This cooperative specializes in the creation of traditional Moroccan rugs and weavings. You can purchase handmade rugs, cushions, and other textile items crafted by local artisans.

2 Amal Artisan Cooperative: This cooperative focuses on empowering Moroccan women by training and employing them in various artisanal trades. You’ll find a wide variety of products, including clothing, accessories, leather goods, rugs, and cosmetics.

3 Tameslohte Women’s Artisan Cooperative: Exclusively run by women, this cooperative offers handmade artisanal products such as rugs, ceramic items, handcrafted jewelry, leather goods, and more.

4 Marrakech Weavers Artisan Cooperative: Specializing in traditional Moroccan weaving, this cooperative offers a wide selection of fabrics, clothing, accessories, and decorative items.

These artisan cooperatives provide an opportunity to support local craftsmen and acquire authentic products directly from the artisans themselves. You can also learn more about the traditional techniques used to create these items and gain insight into the importance of craftsmanship in Moroccan culture.


Shopping in Marrakech’s hotel boutiques can offer a unique and convenient shopping experience. Many Marrakech hotels have their own boutiques where you can find a variety of items and products, ranging from souvenirs to designer clothing. Here’s what you can find in Marrakech’s hotel boutiques:

1 Home Decor Items: Many Marrakech hotels offer boutiques that sell interior decoration items such as cushions, rugs, lanterns, ceramics, and handicrafts. You can find unique pieces to add a Moroccan touch to your home.

2 Clothing and Accessories: Some hotels have boutiques that offer clothing and fashion accessories. You can find designer clothes, jewelry, handbags, hats, and other fashionable accessories.

3 Beauty and Wellness Products: Some hotels also have boutiques selling beauty products such as skincare items, perfumes, and products made from natural Moroccan ingredients like argan oil.

4 Souvenirs and Gifts: Hotel boutiques may offer a selection of souvenirs and gifts to take home. You can find handicrafts, spices, local food products, traditional clothing, miniature rugs, and many other items to remind you of your trip to Marrakech.

5 Books and Music: Some Marrakech hotels also have boutiques that sell books on Moroccan history and culture, as well as CDs or vinyl records of traditional and modern Moroccan music. As with any purchase, prices may vary from one boutique to another, and it’s often possible to negotiate prices in some hotel boutiques. Feel free to visit Marrakech’s hotel boutiques to discover unique and practical items while enjoying the comfort and luxurious atmosphere of the hotels


Marrakech’s flea markets are a must-visit experience for shoppers and those seeking unique discoveries. Here are some of Marrakech’s essential flea markets:

1 Bab el Khemis Flea Market: Located near the Bab el Khemis gate, this market is open every Thursday. You can find a variety of items here, from used furniture to vintage clothing, kitchenware, and art objects.

2 Bab el Jedid Flea Market: Also known as the Bab el Jedid Flea Market, this market offers a wide range of antique and used products. You can find furniture, carpets, second-hand clothing, books, decorative items, and much more.

3 Mellah Flea Market: Located in Marrakech’s Jewish quarter, the Mellah market is an ideal place to discover antique items, silver jewelry, traditional fabrics, and handicrafts.

4 Spice Square: While not exclusively a flea market, Spice Square offers an interesting mix of spices, food products, medicinal herbs, natural soaps, and handicrafts. It’s a lively place where you can shop while enjoying the local atmosphere.

When visiting Marrakech’s flea markets, don’t forget to negotiate prices, as it’s an integral part of Moroccan culture. Also, be vigilant about the authenticity of the items you purchase and inquire about any export restrictions if you plan to bring certain objects back home.”